GCSE Courses

gcse coursesGCSE is short termed used for General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is usually studied as a full time course in schools and colleges and can be completed in five terms. Many institutions offer GCSE distance learning courses in which the students can sit at home and study without even having to attend the full time classes.

It mainly teaches the theory part of the subjects along with some practical applications. Getting a GCSE can lead to a large number of career opportunities. It helps the students to join other work oriented courses or training along with their studies. There are various GCSE courses for adults too, which gives a plus point to their career profile and can avail a higher designation in their organization. The various courses of GCSE can be discussed in detail.

  1. GCSE Law: This course deals with the basic principles of British Law and its development and working in the present scenario. The student will get a chance to achieve a basic understanding on the various types of law that are in operation. The importance of the Law of Torts will also be studied in detail, along with criminal law and family law.
  2. GCSE Science: This course will teach the student about the three main faces of science, namely, physics, chemistry and biology. Physics will give an idea about the production and efficient use of energy as well as the origin of the Universe and its development till the present day which enables the student to understand the impact of physics on every existing thing on earth. Chemistry focuses on the chemical composition of the earth and the effective usage of chemical processes for the benefit of human beings. And last, but not the least, biology peeps into the origin and evolution of life.
  3. GCSE Psychology: This course deals with personality development and the behavioral changes in human beings. Various means of non verbal communication as well as the significance of memory are discussed in detail. This subject also explores the different issues on sex and gender and also opens up the psychological basis of aggression. Some other research methods are also discussed for investigating, recording and analyzing the human psychology.
  4. GCSE Mathematics: This course starts with the basics of mathematics like solving mathematical problems, making calculations, progress of number system to algebraic equations, formula, functions and graphs. Apart from the basics, it will also teach about the geometric calculations of shapes and areas. At the end of the course, the student will be able to collect and analyze mathematical data and solve various problems, interpret as well as assess the results independently.
  5. GCSE Biology: This course teaches the basic building blocks of life that makes us live, grow and develop. It deals with the various functions of the body that helps one to stay healthy, and to role of human beings in the environment. The growth of various species as well as the significance of habitat in evolution and survival is analyzed in detail. In addition to all this, GCSE biology looks into the working of genes, hereditary traits, micro organisms and the issues surrounding them.
  6. GCSE English Literature: This course guides the students towards the great master pieces and assesses the writing techniques and style of the authors. This subject has two plays and two novels from different eras of literature, and the students will need to explore the plots, characterizations and themes of each one of them.
  7. GCSE English: Taking this course will teach the language from the basics of grammar and rules of punctuation so that the student will be able to write in English with clarity. The course also requires the student to do some practical writings as well, so as to improve the language.
  8. GCSE Sociology: If you are looking to have an career in any of the following job sectors: social work, education, media, and the criminal justice system. Then Sociology is your career choice!


Whether the requirement is a personal satisfaction for gaining a deep knowledge in any particular subject or career oriented, online GCSE is the perfect choice.

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